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Local Historic District Development Process 

Join us at upcoming neighborhood meetings to participate in the process!

Benton Park West Neighborhood Association's board and membership voted in Spring of 2021 to begin developing a Local Historic District

The neighborhood is already within the Gravois Jefferson Streetcar National Historic District which means properties are eligible for certain tax credits when rehabbed. Unfortunately, this designation doesn't protect historic buildings in our neighborhood from being drastically or allowed to fall down due to decay. 


Local Historic Districts can help preserve the historic character of neighborhoods from careless construction and property speculation, but they have often been a tool of exclusion in the past as they may be so restrictive that they make repairs and new construction so expensive as to make it unaffordable for part of the community. 


Because of this, BPWNA has engaged the assistance of the Dutchtown South Community Corporation to assist in creating a process that is inclusive of diverse community voices from the beginning in order to craft a policy that is responsive to their concerns. 

The process is expected to take about 18 months. Approval of the historic district will require 10% of neighbors signing their support.

Share your vision and concerns!

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