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Safe Spot: Your STL Courts

This past Friday, I attended a meeting hosted by Rise and CivTech St. Louis to promote and educate residents about a new online tool that navigates the multiple courts in the county.

YourSTLCourts is a free service which provides information on your traffic ticket and court case in a simple online interface. It works on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. A text message system can send you reminders on your court case.

Why use YourSTL Courts?

  • Find your traffic ticket no matter where in St. Louis the citation was received.

  • You can also learn if a warrant has been issued for your arrest.

  • Clear up outstanding infracations or warrants you may have.

  • Learn about your rights in court.

  • Obtain information you need about when/where to appear, operating hours, court procedures, and fines + fees.

  • Get text message reminders of your court date.

  • Learn more about community service opportunities as alternatives to paying fines + fees.

Approximately 75% of St. Louis lives within an area covered by YourSTLCourts. The blue areas have courts that actively participate, so anyone who receives a ticket in those areas may access info and updates on their court case.

Green areas are not yet participating; however, court users can find info on all courts in St. Louis County such as addresses, hours of operation, etc.

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