{About Benton Park West}

Welcome to Benton Park West!


Our neighborhood is bounded on the east by South Jefferson Avenue, roughly on the south by Cherokee Street and by Gravois Boulevard on the Northwest. 


While Benton Park West does not have a "Park" of its own, two city parks border the neighborhood, Benton Park and Gravois Park.

Walk to the Historic Cherokee Shopping District where new businesses and amenities are frequently added. New restaurants, stores and shops, and other walkable services make Benton Park West a hot spot of Saint Louis.


Homes in this turn-of-the-century neighborhood feature many handcrafted architectural details unique to the early 1900s as well as many 1950's bungalows. Elaborate brickwork, stained glass, and oak mantles inspire residents to lavish attention on their property inside and out.

In addition to the diversity of buildings and businesses, one will find diverse individuals. From income to ethnicity, Benton Park West is a true 

"American Melting Pot" of Saint Louis. Residents of this 6 x 12 block neighborhood include retirees, factory and service workers, doctors, lawyers, professors, artists, engineers, educators, teachers, college students, and any number of other occupations. 

Diversity and the heritage of the community is a point of pride for area residents, many of whom are history buffs. It is common to discover that a neighbor is a descendant of the home's original builder. One resident, when asked the secret of her beautiful lawn, includes in her explanation, "You know, we've been here a hundred years now."


If you have further questions about Benton Park West, please feel to drop an email to info@bentonparkwest.org