Community Gardens


Benton Park West is fortunate to have several community gardens available to its residents. 


Vegetable Gardens

Residents may request private beds within the gardens to grow the fruits, vegetables, or flowers of their choice.  They may also partner with others for group sharing.  The third Saturday of the month Spring through Fall are the official garden work days, but feel free to volunteer or relax in the garden any time!

Community Garden: Arsenal at Jefferson


If you would like request a garden plot, please complete the application here. Questions or would like to join the committee, please contact Linda Hennigh at 314-378-2083.


Flower Garden

Located at 2800 Wyoming (cross street California), the Our Neighborhood Garden is a cooperative effort between Gateway Greening and Benton Park West. This garden is strickly a flower garden. The first Saturday of the month, April through October, at 9:00 AM are the regular work days, but please feel free to volunteer or relax in the garden any time!


Volunteer projects include, but not limited to:

  • Weeding beds and mulching

  • Planting flowers 

  • Watering during hot weather

  • General maintenance


If you'd like to join the flower garden volunteers, please contact Scott McIntosh at 314-719-6507.


Gravois Planters

Along Gravois Ave are several round planters to welcome visitors to our neighborhood and beautify our community.  Volunteers help keep these planters looking nice.  


Work days are coordinated by Christina Sullivan.  If you'd like to volunteer for the Gravois Planters, please contact Christina Sullivan at 314-607-0047.