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To place calls for service in nearby city parks,

please use the following addresses:

Benton Park, 3100 S. Jefferson Avenue

Gravois Park, 3200 Potomac Street



  • Turn on front and back porch lights at night

  • Don't leave valuables in your car

  • Don't leave garage doors open/unlocked

  • Pay attention to neighbors' homes/garages

  • Be aware of your surroundings and try not to walk alone at night

  • Lock exterior doors while working in the basement, garage or backyard

  • Pick up your newspaper (or your neighbor's if they are on vacation)

  • Call 911 to report any suspicious activity


The Police, NSO, and Alderman share safety updates and statistics at Neighborhood Association Meetings.  Residents are welcome to privately share issues, complaints, tips, etc with them after the meeting.

Nextdoor is a safe and easy way to talk online and make life better in the real world by communicating about safety issues and getting to know your neighbors. Click here to join NextDoor.

Contact the Citizens Service Bureau by calling 314-622-4800.

Neighborhood Stabilization Officers

Ward 7: Larry Isom, (w) (314) 657-1376


Crime Prevention/Police

Emergency/Drug Activity: 911

Non-Emergency: 314-231-1212

Problem Property Officer: 314-622-3600

Drug/Gang Hotline: 314-241-COPS 

3rd District Police Captain: Joseph Morici, 314-444-2597

3rd District Community Outreach: PO Jazmon Garrett, 314-444-2564 

3rd District Nuisance Officers: 

      PO Daphne Allen- 314-444-2563, PO Erin Hine- 314-444-2564, PO Samantha Edwards- 314-444-2572 

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