When placing calls for service in the parks (THE PARK, not the neighborhood), please use the following addresses:

Benton Park - 3100 S. Jefferson Avenue

Gravois Park - 3200 Potomac Street.

View our Safe Spot blog posts for more safety tips!


Benton Park West takes crime and safety very seriously and actively participates in the City's citizen-led Neighborhood Ownership Model program which includes 3rd District (3D) Community Outreach Meetings and C.O.P.  

3D Police Partnership Community Outreach Meetings

Community Outreach Meetings are held every three months (March, June, September, and December) on the second Thursday at 7 p.m. at the 5 Star Senior Center located at 2832 Arsenal.


Citizen's On Patrol (COP)

If you feel motivated to driving around 1-2 times a month looking for out streetlights, overflowing trash dumpsters, overgrown grass, and reporting any suspicious behavior, consider volunteering. For more information on COP visit the Third District Police Partnerships site .



Nextdoor is the private social network; your address must by verified to join. It's a safe and easy way to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world by communicating about safety issues and getting to know your neighbors.

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Safety Tips

  • Turn on front and back porch lights at night

  • Don't leave valuables in your car

  • Be aware of your surroundings and try not to walk alone at night

  • Keep front and back door locked and closed while working in the basement, garage or backyard

  • Do not leave garage doors open/unlocked

  • Pay attention to neighbors' homes/garages

  • Pick up your newspaper (or your neighbor's if they are on vacation)

  • Call 911 and report any suspicious activity


The Police, NSO, and Alderman share safety information, reports, and statistics at our Neighborhood Association Meetings.  After the meeting, residents are encouraged to privately share issues, complaints, tips, etc with them.  

Contact the Citizens Service Bureau by calling 314-622-4800.

Neighborhood Stabilization Officers

Ward 9: Barb Potts, NSO, (w) 314-613-3083, (c) 314-397-1091

Ward 20: Mark Minden, (w) 314-657-1354


Crime Prevention/Police

Emergency/Drug Activity: 911

Non-Emergency: 314-231-1212

Problem Property Officer: 314-622-3600

Drug/Gang Hotline: 314-241-COPS 

Police Chief: Colonel John W. Hayden, Jr. 

Police Major: Caruso, 314-444-2585 

3rd District (3D) Police Captain: Joseph Morici, 314-444-2597

3D Community Outreach Officer: Jazmon Garrett, 314-444-2564 

3D Nuisance Officers: 

      PO Daphne Allen, 314-444-2563 

      PO Erin Hine, 314-444-2564 

      PO Samantha Edwards, 314-444-2572 


Animal Abuse Hotline: 314-647-4400

Child Abuse Hotline (Division of Family Services): 1-800-392-3738

St. Louis Crisis Nursery Hotline: 314-768-3201

Parental Stress Help Line: 1-800-367-3543

Parents Anonymous: 647-HELP or 1-866-492-0843


Safety Issues

Alley Lights Out (Ameren UE): 314-342-1000

Street Lights Out (CSB): 314-622-4800

Water Issues/Report an Open Hydrant: 314-771-4880

Illegal Dumping: 911, then call Citizen Service Bureau: 314-622-4800