Contact the Citizen Service Bureau online or at 314-622-4800.


 Street Trees and Sidewalks


Street Trees

The Forestry Division plants street trees in the tree lawn at no charge to the adjacent property owner. The tree lawn is the City easement along public streets, typically between the curb and sidewalk. Street trees are normally planted from November to April.


Property owners can request a tree (or trees) by calling the Citizens’ Service Bureau at 314-622-4800 or completing the request form here. Forestry also continually surveys wards to determine planting needs and may plant street trees in open planting sites.


 To learn more about the Street Tree Program, click here.

Tree Maintenance

All street trees are the property of the City of St. Louis.  If a tree or limb has fallen, contact the Citizen's Service Bureau to request the Forestry Department address the issue.  The City will also inspect trees to determine if they have become hazardous.  Again, you would contact the Citizen's Service Bureau with your request.


Property owners adjacent to any newly planted tree are expected to water the new tree.  This is critical during hot weather the first year after a tree is planted, but is still important the first two or three years of the tree's life.

For more information on how to care for trees, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation.



Sidewalks are public right of ways, but are to be maintained by the adjacent property owner.  The Aldermen have a "50/50" program that can offset these costs; a bid would be provided, and you would be responsible for 50% of the repair costs. If you'd like to repair your sidewalk, contact the 9th Ward Alderman.


To learn more about City sidewalks, click here.