Benton Park West Neighborhood Association (BPWNA), incorporated in 1998 with the state of Missouri and IRS, is a 501(c)3 organization.

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There are various events and activities that would benefit from your support. In turn, we'd include your business in marketing and signage as appropriate.

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Benton Park West Neighborhood Association

Our mission is to enhance and strengthen the neighborhood and its residents by promoting safety, beautification, local organizations, communication, and diversity.


The focus of the organization is to advocate for the recognition, renewal, and sustainability of Benton Park West's unique human and physical resources, to serve as a voice for the neighborhood, and to help ensure quality living.


We fulfill this mission with free events, support of every day quality of life improvement, and fundraisers to support the projects and committee work.

Neighborhood Meetings

Third Thursday each month, except December, at 7:00 pm in the Five Star Senior Senior at 2832 Arsenal Street, 63118.  

All are welcome to attend. It's your opportunity to learn about what's happening in the neighborhood, voice your opinions or concerns, and get to know your neighbors!

We review our financial state, hear from the Alderman, Police, NSO, and other special guests.  We also discuss upcoming events and projects. 


Board Meetings

Second Monday each month at 6:30 pm in the Five Star Senior Center at 2832 Arsenal Street, 63118.  


All are welcome to attend.


We plan upcoming events and projects, budgets and financial decisions, and discuss neighborhood issues.  


Those seeking a letter of support for a new business or development project also present their plan during the Board meeting; residents can ask questions and voice any concerns with these plans.

Support your Community

Our Board and volunteers are unpaid, but we still have costs for community improvement projects, events, and administrative overhead. We have fundraisers throughout the year, but you can help any time by joining BPWNA and using Amazon Smile!

Please Consider becoming a paid member or make a donation to BPWNA.


Your purchases on Amazon can support the Benton Park West Neighborhood Association! Use this link when buying through Amazon to raise funds for community projects and improvements.