Benton Park West Area Businesses



Auto Bargain Center, 2700 Gravois, Auto Sales

Auto Zone, 3230 Gravois, Auto Parts

Cardinal Motors, 3000 Gravois, Retail auto

Carisma Motors, 3330 Gravois, Retail auto

Don's Muffler, 2923 Cherokee, Auto service

St. Louis Auto Parts, 3400 Gravois, Services auto repair

Taylor Motorsports, 2644 Gravois


Beauty + Health

Buddha Body & Bath, 2304 Cherokee

Cherokee Kuts, 2901 Cherokee

Drew Henry Salon & Gallery, 2309 Cherokee

Hair A Cain, 3409 Iowa

Latin Barber Shop, 2820 Cherokee

Nails 2000, 3409 S. Jefferson

Rance John Barbershop, 2901 S. Jefferson


Construction and Maintenance

AAA Metal Fabricators, 3030 Gravois

Advanced Environmental Services, 3100 Gravois

Archway Building Maintenance Inc., 2728 Gravois

Crafty Naturals, 3171 California

Gravois Planing Mill, 3026 Juniata,

Interiors in Green, 3418 Gravois

Kendrick Design and Construction, 2725 S. Jefferson


Entertainment + Galleries

Casa Loma Ballroom, 2719 Cherokee

Flood Plain, 3151 Cherokee

The Luminary, 2701 Cherokee

Untitled Fine Art, 2920 Cherokee


Food + Drink

Propaganda, 2732 Cherokee 

B-Side Burger & Booze, 2709 Cherokee 

Beechwood, 2718 Gravois

Blank Space, 2847 Cherokee

Bridge Bread, 2604 Cherokee

Burger 809, 2919 1/2 Cherokee

Byrd & Barrel, 3422 S. Jefferson

Carniceria Latino Americana, 2800 Cherokee

Chaparritos Mexican Restaurant, 2812 Cherokee Street

Chef's Table STL, 2639 Cherokee 

The Choice, 3265 S. Jefferson

Chunky Boy Bar and Grill, 2917 S. Jefferson

Diana's Bakery, 2843 Cherokee

Don Carlos, 2800 Cherokee

Dulceria Medina, 2734 Cherokee

El Bronco Taqueria, 3401 California

El Chico Bakery, 2600 Cherokee

El Lenador, 3124 Cherokee

El Torito, 2753 Cherokee

Earthbound Brewing, 2724 Cherokee

Foam Coffee + Beer, 3359 S. Jefferson

Fortune Teller Bar, 2635 Cherokee

Frankly on Cherokee, 2744 Cherokee 

Imo's Pizza, 2916 Gravois Ave

Johnnie Walker's San Loo, 3211 Cherokee

The Juice, 2640 Cherokee

Kabob House, 3108 Cherokee

Kalbi Taco Shack, 2301 Cherokee 

La Pasadita, 2818 Cherokee

La Vallesana, 2801 Cherokee

Lee's Chicken, 2629 Jefferson

Lilly's Panaderia, 2752 Cherokee

Morning Glory Diner, 2609 Cherokee

New China, 3350 Gravois

One Nite Stand, 2800 Ohio

Open Concept, 2712 Cherokee

The Palm Tree, 2837 Cherokee

Parm Pasta & Sandwich Co, 2619 Cherokee

Rally's, 2807 S Jefferson Ave

RKDE (Arcade and Bar), 2847 Cherokee

Rosy Bakery & Candy, 2752 Cherokee

Saint Louis Hop Shop, 2600 Cherokee

Taco and Ice Cream Joint, 2738 Cherokee 

Taco Truck STL, 2737 Cherokee

Teatopia, 2606 Cherokee

Tower Taco, 3147 Cherokee

Whiskey Ring, 2651 Cherokee

Yaqui's on Cherokee, 2827 Cherokee


Grocery + Convenience Stores

Cherokee Mart, 2820 Cherokee

Economy Shop, 2811 Cherokee

Family Dollar, 3405 S. Jefferson

K & B Super Market, 3106 Cherokee

Latino Americana, 2800 Cherokee

Supermercado El Torito, 2753 Cherokee

Waberi, 2724 Cherokee



Clowder House Foundation, 3134 Wyoming

Tenth Life Cat Rescue, 3200 Cherokee


Printing Services

Art Farm Screenprinting & Design, 2626 Cherokee

Creative Litho, 3021 Cherokee

O.R. Pechman Sign Co, 3313 S. Compton 



African Bizarre, 2715 Cherokee

Angel Boutique, 2700 Cherokee

Arsenal Merchantile, 2733 Arsenal

Art Farm STL, 2626 Cherokee

Art Monster, 2627 Cherokee

Bespoke, 2650 Cherokee

Boheme Atelier, 2308 Cherokee

Brandin Vaugh Collection, 2604 Cherokee

Bricoleur - Art, Antiques, and Repurposed Goods, 3400 Cherokee

Button Makers, 2608 Cherokee

Carrillo Western Wear, 2822 Cherokee

Communication Depot, 2629 Cherokee

Creaky Crow, 2308.5 Cherokee

DT's Appliance & Furniture Store, 2719 Cherokee

Endless Planet, 2715 Cherokee

Firecraker Press, 2838 Cherokee

Flowers and Weeds, 3201 Cherokee 

Golden Gems, 3156 Cherokee

Grand Furniture Mart, 2800 Arsenal

J Audio, 2709 Cherokee

JJ's Fashion, 2649 Cherokee

Jefferson Tent and Awning Co., 2930 Gravois

La Mexicana Western Wear, 2714 Cherokee

Liberty Wireless, 2850 Cherokee

Lumberjack Leather, 2623 Cherokee

Mesa Home, 2619 Cherokee 

Midwest Guitar, 2610 Cherokee

National Rent-To-Own, 2614 Cherokee

Portenzo, 2623 Cherokee

St. Louis Jewelers, 2748 Cherokee

Santa Morena, 3353 California

Skywalker Smoke Shop, 2636 Cherokee

STyLe House, 3159 Cherokee

Swedlife, 2218 Cherokee 

T-Shirt Headquarters Boutique, 2816 Cherokee

The Passport, 2803 Cherokee 

TOCO Resale Shop, 2714 Cherokee

Tracy's Treasures, 2306 Cherokee

YuMe, 3408 Ohio Ave


Tax Services

H&R Block, 2746 Cherokee

Instant Tax Service, 2638 Cherokee


Services - Misc.

Artist Art Banquet Theatre, 2643 Cherokee

Bluefield Process Safety, 3101 Cherokee 

Daniel Morgan Tailor Shop, 2701 Jefferson

Edmond's Chile Co, 3236 Oregon, (Wholesaler)

Elite Medical Staffing Group, 2613 Cherokee

House of Eight Legs (HOEL): Screen Printing, 2714 Cherokee

Internatinal Union of Operating Engineers, 2929 S. Jefferson

Kutis Funeral Home, 2906 Gravois

Phil Jarvis Paintings, 2644 Arsenal

Photomation: Custom Photo Booths, 2308 1/2 Cherokee

St. Louis Real Estate Society, 2654 Gravois

Urban Sprout Farm, Ohio


Social Services

Booth Manor, 3131 Iowa

Five Star Senior Center, 2832 Arsenal

Franciscan Connection, 2903 Cherokee

Guardian Angel Settement Association, 2700 Cherokee

Latino Alcoholics Anonymous, 2716 Cherokee

Pianos For People, 3138 Cherokee

St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment, 2715 Cherokee

St. Louis Juvenile Court Branch, 2700 Cherokee

Salvation Army - St. Louis Temple Corps & Community Center, 2740 Arsenal



Businesses come and go, but we strive to keep this list current.  If you notice a new business not listed or an old one no longer in the area, please let us know!  

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