If you see illegal dumping, call 911 then call Citizen Service Bureau at 314-622-4800.


You may also contact the Citizens Service Bureau here.




The Refuse Division provides recycling drop-off locations throughout the City of St. Louis for residents who lack recycling facilities at their resident. The Refuse Division also offers educational programs and can help you set up a paper-recycling program. For more information on recycling in St. Louis City, visit St. Louis City Recycles.


The City's largest recycling drop-off site is the Operation Brightside Recycling Center open 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Saturday at 1660 S. Kingshighway. For more info about the recycling center or any other Operation Brightside program, call the Brightside office at 781-4556.


Alley Dumpster Recycling

Benton Park West receives trash collection via alley dumpsters; alleys will also have at least one blue, 480-gallon recycling dumpster . City of St. Louis recycling dumpsters have the words "Recyclables Only" stenciled on the front of the dumpster. "Materials Accepted" signage is also posted on the front of each blue recycling dumpster. Green and white recycling arrows are posted on the sides of each dumpster. Please note that some private waste haulers use blue dumpsters for trash and/or recycling collection; if a blue dumpster doesn't have the stenciling and stickers, it belongs to a private hauler.


Collection Schedule

Trash dumpsters are collected twice per week, Tuesday and Friday, depending on location. Recycling dumpsters will be collected on Tuesday, after trash collection has been completed. To determine your regular collection days, go to http://stlouis-mo.gov/data/address-search. In the event of holidays, please check the schedule that is posted on the Refuse Division's website at http://stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/street/refuse.


The blue recycling dumpster contains only one compartment, however the dumpster lid has two different slots. The long, rectangular slot is to remind residents that boxes need to be broken down. If boxes are not flattened, they take up too much space in the recycling dumpster, preventing other residents from depositing their recyclables, and they might take up too much space in the truck (airspace is very expensive to haul). The small, square slot allows residents to easily tip home recycling bins to pour containers and papers into the recycling dumpster.



Property owners are responsible for keeping their half of their alleys free of litter, weeds and overgrown trees, as well as in safe and sanitary conditions. The city is responsible for lighting in the alleys and easements, but this work is contracted out to Ameren UE for maintenance and replacement of bulbs. To report any alley or easement light out, call Ameren UE at 314-342-1000.


If you are a witness to illegal dumping in an alley, on a street or sidewalk, in a vacant lot or in someone's yard, call 911and give the license number and description of the vehicle used. If the information you provide to the police results in the conviction of the suspect,you may be eligible for a $100 reward. If the dumping has already occurred, also call the Citizens' Service Bureau at 314-622-4800 so an investigation may be conducted by the City's Trash Task Force.