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Rehabs! Spring 2016

Sunday was a great day to check out all the rehab projects in our neighborhood, Benton Park West. Each day there seems to be more and more happening. This means more new residents to support our business, improved safety for our community, and new life for old homes.

Below are a few photos of rehabs happening in Benton Park West.

(Above and below) This project is one of several by Rubicon. This front and rear house are on Arsenal across from the Salvation Army

(Below) This home on Iowa was purchased by a resident on the same block who is renovating it to sell.

(Below) Another set of Rubicon projects in our neighborhoods. We're lucky to have dedicated and skilled develoers working to improve our community.

(Below) This house on Wyoming was purchased at the Sheriff's Tax Sale and is being renovated to sell. Look for it on an upcoming Friday real estate blog post.

Lastly, we have a three new infill houses constructed by DeSales Community Housing Corp on Ohio. These rental units are for qualifying low-income families. We want to keep our neighborhood affordable to everyone who wants to call Benton Park West home.

If you're thinking about buying and/or renovating in Benton Park West, we have resources available on our Housing Page. Be sure to look for our Friday real estate blog post as well.

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