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Earnings Tax - City of St. Louis

On Tuesday, April 5, City voters will decide the fate of the Earnings Tax. This tax provides the financial resources for many of the City's services. In fact, 37% of the City's revenue is produced from this tax. The loss of this revenue could me an abrupt end to many services we rely on daily.

Services that would be affected include:

  • St. Louis Police Department

  • St. Louis Fire Department

  • Street Maintenance

  • Street and Alley Lighting

  • Forestry

  • Equipment service vehicles

  • And many others!

Again, if the tax is removed, the City would look at other replacements for revenue such as increased property and/or sales tax. These would be hardships for many residents and a possible deterrant for visitors.

Please click here to review a PDF created by the City that outlines the Earning Tax, what it does, and what may happen if it's lost.

Regardless of how you vote, be informed! Know the long term affects of your vote.

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