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Dog Park Readies for Seasonal Grand Opening

Saturday, residents prepped the Benton Park West Dog Park for it's seasonal grand opening scheduled for Saturday, April 9. Mulch was spread to create a more welcoming entrance, litter was picked up, and a general sprucing up was done.

Photo: Frank Becker, BPPWNA Treasurer spreads mulch

Chris Schmidt is the new dog park chair for 2016. She and her husband Mike have been diligently working to improve the physical environment of the dog park. You may have noticed the brush along the south and east fence lines has been removed and the trees and bushes trimmed. You may thank the Schmidts for all this hard work. Chris is planning a series of events in the dog park for 2016 to create a stronger sense of community and more opportuities for our dogs to socialize with other pups.

Photo: Dog Park entry mulched and ready to go!

The Seasonal Grand Opening on Saturday, April 9 starts at 10:00 am and will provide free coffee and donuts to dog owners. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to attend with their dog. Applications will be available on-site for those wishing to join the dog park. For more details about our dog park, please visit our Dog Park page.

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