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Rehab Property List is Growing!

You may have noticed more large dumpsters in streets around Benton Park West. This is a sign of property rehabs - a good thing for our community! We had a large turnout for the Rehabbers' Club tour of five rehab projects, but there are many more projects underway. Below are photos of a few of those new projects.

URBAN Living STL is currently rehabbing several properties on the 3400 block of Virgina. 3435 Virginia (above) is being converted to a single family and will be for-sale.

3424-26 Virginia is another project of URBAN Living STL. This 4-family is being converted to two 3 bed 2.5 bath townhome that will be for-sale. They have purchased four other properties on the block for rehab/renovations as well, but will be rental units. They are working to stabilize the block and improve our community.

I've been trying to get the scoop on the old daycare, but 31XX Cherokee has been cutted and a full rehab is expected. Below is an inside peak of the gutted 31XX Cherokee

33XX Pennsylvania is being renovated.

30XX Wyoming and it's neighbor are both under renovation for single family use.

28XX Wyoming is a 2-family being renovated for rental.

3100 block of Oregon has a 4-family being renovated for rental.

On Texas, a 6-family is being rehabbed in collaboration with the Cultural Development Administration (CDA), Aldermen Ken Ortmann, and Midland State Bank. These will be three for-sale townhomes when completed.

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