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In the News: Benton Park West and Cherokee Street

Photo: St. Louis Community Credit Union courtesy of nextSTL/Grice Group Architects

In case you missed these gems, here are links to press articles about businesses, residents, or other mentions of Benton Park West and/or Cherokee Street.

Song and video release rally for "Now!" is Thursday, September 22 at 7 pm at Yaquis on Cherokee.

FarFetched Brave New World Showcase 7 p.m., $10. The Luminary, 2701 Cherokee Street

At the recently opened Mariscos El Gato, South City gets a taste of Mexican cuisine in a style previously unseen on Cherokee Street.

No, that's not something you dreamed the other night. It's the fun arrangement you'll find laid on the 50-person table at the beginning of Byrd & Barrel's video game-inspired dinner at Start Bar on Mon., Sept. 19.

St. Louis Community Credit Union has broken ground on a new branch in the city’s Benton Park West neighborhood at the corner of Gravois and Oregon Avenues (2830 Gravois).

Vista Ramen: Dark, cozy and patterned tile-clad, the carefully cultivated mood is exactly right in this 34-seat temple of cool.

Openings: Mariscos el Gato, 2818 Cherokee Street, Cherokee District

New and Notable: Vista Ramen, Sauce Magazine, 9/01/2016

The night of a heat advisory probably wasn’t the best time for hot soup, but there I was, uncontrollably slurping my way through a big bowl of steaming broth and noodles at chef Chris Bork’s hotly anticipated first restaurant, Vista Ramen.

Sunday, August 14 saw Cherokee Street's Foam Coffee & Beer packed to the gills. The people here on this night had gathered to talk about sexual abuse in St. Louis' music scene.

August's Ins, Outs, and Almosts, St. Louis Magazine, 8/31/2016

Restaurant openings, closings, and "coming soons" in metro St. Louis for August 2016.

With her friend Kaylen Wissinger, who owns Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop, Bennet hatched a plan.

My mother-in-law, who grew up in south St. Louis, remembers taking the streetcar down to Cherokee Street to go shopping.

Trying to get information about the newest Mexican restaurant to open on Cherokee Street is not easy, especially if you're the kind of person who only remembers a few rusty phrases from high school Spanish class.

Sarrita Hunn is an artist for whom the term “interdisciplinary” is a good fit.

Spotlight: Byrd & Barrel, Feast Magazine, 8/22/2016

Byrd & Barrel has quickly gained the hearts and stomachs of St. Louis fried-chicken lovers in its first year of operation.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in St. Louis, St. Louis Magazine, 8/18/2016

South City is full of unexpected surprises. Need proof? Head to Cherokee Street’s Antique Row, where you’ll find heirloom shops and furniture stops.

'Pattern Recognition' Connects the Dots at Fort Gondo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8/17/2016

In recent years, Cherokee Street has become a popular go-to St. Louis destination — a place for shopping, eating, and enjoying music and art, free of the usual corporate vibe.

If you didn't know the story behind the bright green neon sign that hangs above Vista Ramen's open kitchen, bearing the restaurant's name, you'd probably assume it goes something like this: Owners come up with restaurant idea; owners come up with restaurant name; owners commission sign.

When we talked with ice cream maker extraordinaire Kerry Soraci and pastry chef Beth Hughes at the neon-bright I Scream Cakes store on Cherokee Street, Soraci greeted us with a spoonful of her delicious all-organic vanilla bean ice cream, freshly churned.

"I’ve also done a lot of community outreach with Cherokee Street Reach."

Founded in 2008 by Washington University students, Eleven expanded its reach beyond the school's campus by increasing its distribution and moving to Cherokee Street.

Whether you’re a dedicated ramen aficionado, a recent convert to the Japanese noodle soup as it enjoys its moment in the St. Louis dining scene, or a curious rookie, I offer you the same advice for your first visit to Vista Ramen: Leave any expectations or concerns outside.

As school gets ready to start again, some St. Louis chefs are prepared to shave their heads (or beards).

Beginning and ending at STL Stylehouse, you'll go everywhere from Carondelet to the Ville to the Riverfront to Tower Grove and get the scoop on the badass women who have shaped St. Louis — from artists to moms to prostitutes.

Scenes were shot on back roads in Marquand, Missouri, and at Simms’ home, as well as a few beloved Cherokee Street watering holes.

Over at The Mud House Coffee & Kitchen on Cherokee Street, I learned the kitchen used to get pork shoulder from a large supplier but found Geisert’s a better product for confit.

The Little Dipper is Closing August 13, Riverfront Times, 8/05/2016

The tiny sandwich shop on Cherokee Street that had diners — and critics —raving will be closing its doors.

St. Louis isn’t just another city on Leahey’s tour schedule. It also happens to be the first place he performed after his tumor was removed. “We played on Cherokee Street, and everything about it was awesome,” Leahey says.

For the fourth year, Fortune Teller Bar will be converting two roll-off construction dumpsters into a swimming pool right on its patio.

STL-Style, the company based near Cherokee Street, has been tasked with producing the company's hats, beanies and signature t-shirts.

#2 Kalbi Taco Shack. The super-friendly Shackelford family serves up affordably priced Asian-inspired tacos, burritos, bowls—and bubble tea. Don’t miss the signature boneless beef short rib taco.

The 10 Best Bakeries in St. Louis, Riverfront Times, 7/14/2016

Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop first began baking solely for Fair Shares CCSA, but owner Kaylen Wissinger quickly learned that there are many local products and produce that translate well into cupcakes.

Hit List: July 2016, Sauce Magazine, 7/01/2016

Style meets good tastes at Cherokee Street’s ultra-cool Vista Ramen.

Articles compiled by the Benton Park West Neighborhood Association.

Benton Park West Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 18671

St. Louis, MO 63118


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