Benton Park West Real Estate Listings, March 24, 2017

Interested in residential property in Benton Park West? We publish private sales, sale-by-owner, CDA/LRA, and HUD properties in our neighborhood. If you're not currently looking, tell your friends, families, co-workers about the listings and how BPW is a great place to be.

Please CLICK HERE for a complete list of properties for sale in Benton Park West. Visit our Housing page to learn more about funding and other resources.

The LRA (city owned) property and CDA are great investment opportunities for those seeking to use historic tax credits. Historic Tax Credits allow investors to earn back up to 45% of qualifying rehab expenses to make large profits off of these homes.

Photos: 3133 Cherokee

First Floor / Street Level - Gutted for your business or imagination

First Floor - Gutted Commercial Space

Second Floor - Gutted. Potential apartment, office space, or 2nd floor of street level business.

Second Floor - Gutted

Third Floor - Gutted. Potential apartment or office space

Third Floor - Gutted, but potential apartment or office

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