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Our Neighborhood Garden - Donate and Volunteer

Benton Park West may not have a City park within its boundaries, but we do have a public flower garden to enjoy. Our Neighborhood Garden, located at SW corner of California and Wyoming, is great place to enjoy being outside, read a book, visit with friends, or just take in the beauty.

The primrose is blooming! It's a bit thick, so we'll move some to other spots around the garden.

If you're interested in being a volunteer gardener, please contact Scott McIntosh at 314-719-6507 or We're figuring out a schedule for 2017 to weed and socialize for an hour each weekend.

There's still room for a lot more plants. We'd like to add hostas behind the Japanese Maple in this corner.

Left: April 2017

Right: May 2016

If you're dividing/separating any perennials (hostas, cone flowers, daisies, etc), please consider donating those to Our Neighborhood Garden. You may contact Scott McIntosh at 314-719-6507 or

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