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In the News: Benton Park West and Cherokee Street

Photo: by Linda Hennigh

In case you missed these gems, here are links to press articles about businesses, residents, or other mentions of Benton Park West and/or Cherokee Street.

The South Rise Again to Give Earthbound Brewery One-Star Reviews, Riverfront Times, 04/28/2017

For years, the citizens of the Confederacy have vowed to rise again. And today they finally did, unleashing a hellstorm of one-star reviews on a St. Louis-based business. The horror.

The 40 Restaurants We Love in 2017!, Riverfront Times, 04/27/2017

Vista Ramen (2609 Cherokee Street, 314-797-8250). When the much-ballyhooed chef Chris Bork announced he was going to open a ramen restaurant with Jeremy and Casey Miller, owners of the Mud House, people scratched their heads.

The Palm Trees gives St. Louisans an introduction to Saudi Arabian cuisine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 04/27/2017

The story of how Fedaa Alsadeq decided to open a restaurant is a familiar one. At first. Alsadeq loves to cook the food of her native country, and she loves introducing her native country’s cuisine to her American friends.

Favorite Art Gallery: The Luminary, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 04/25/2017

Cherokee Street is the place to go for the new, the now and the next.

Taco & Ice Cream Joint opens April 26 on Cherokee Street, St. Louis Magazine, 04/24/2017

Walking into the happy brightness of The Taco & Ice Cream Joint at 2738 Cherokee Street should make the little kid in everyone clap hands in delight.

Cherokee Cave: prehistoric animal home, beer cellar, and tourist attraction partially paved over by interstate, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 04/24/2017

Joe Light’s wooden “Cherokee Cave” sign hangs in his basement, next to his caving equipment. It’s a sign of St. Louis’ past — from the prehistoric era all the way to the kitschy 1950s.

Old school St. Louis jazz through the eyes (and horn) of an Englishman, St. Louis Magazine, 04/20/2017

This four-piece dives into the songs of the early 20th century and regularly features talented guest artists; catch them every Friday at Yaquis on Cherokee.

Review: The Palm Trees Is a Delicious Oasis on Cherokee, Riverfront Times, 04/19/2017

Fedaa Alsadeq and Osama Almoerfi have a competition going in their kitchen at the Palm Trees.

Take a look inside a Lemp Brewry Souvenir Boo, circa the 1893 Columbian Exposition, St. Louis Magazine, 04/12/2017

This tiny but important piece of ephemera gives historians a critically important look at how the Lemp Brewery saw itself, and how it wanted to be viewed by the public.

On View: "Oppositions" at The Luminary, St. Louis Magazine, 04/10/2017

In this strange age, what does contemporary political art look like, and what language(s) does it speak?

Taco & Ice Cream Joint springs a surprise tasting on Cherokee Street, St. Louis Magazine, 04/09/2017

Here’s a mini-scoop: Shoppers tasted sweet samples of house-made Mexican ice cream on Saturday, when the Taco & Ice Cream Joint (2738 Cherokee) handed out mini-cups of mango, mint chocolate chip, and blue-and-pink swirled bubble gum ice cream.

New security cameras to be installed in parts of south St. Louis, KMOV, 04/07/2017

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson and Alderman Ken Ortmann announced plans to install new security cameras in the 9th Ward in south St. Louis. The 20 cameras and 16 license plate readers will be tied into the police department's Real Time Crime Center.

Alderman puts $437K towards 36 security cameras in south St. Louis, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 04/07/2017

Six south city wards will get a total of 36 new security cameras after Alderman Kenneth Ortmann committed just under $437,000 in capital funds for the project.

Speaking in Tongues: Decoding the Vernacular String Trio, St. Louis Magazine, 04/06/2017

The band recorded its new album "Parlance" with superstar STL engineer, Adam Long; it's being released tonight at Foam.

A look at the treatise Louis Lemp wrote when he was a young brewing student, St. Louis Magazine, 03/24/2017

Louis, the son of William Lemp Sr. and Julia Feickert, traveled to Germany to learn from the brewing experts. While he was there, he wrote a treatise that incorporated knowledge of the industry's latest advancements.

VISTA Ramen to offer Asian-inspired brunch on Sundays, St. Louis Magazine, 03/24/2017

The Cherokee Street noodle shop will serve its new menu 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays, starting March 19.

Encourage more tax-paying businesses in 20th Ward, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 03/23/2017

Alderman Cara Spencer is complaining that her ward has no surveillance cameras that some other wards have obtained partly through public-private partnerships ("Who gets security?" March 19). She bemoans the fact that there is a business district in her ward on Cherokee Street, but no community improvement district.

Blank Space In St. Louis Celebrates Five Years of Rising Up And Getting Down, ALIVE Magazine, 03/21/2017

Envisioned as a respite from the social upheaval of St. Louis, Blank Space at 2847 Cherokee is turning five with a growth spurt, celebrating with a weekend party featuring DJs and live music March 24-25, 2017.

Vista Ramen Will Begin Brunch Service on March 19, Riverfront Times, 03/19/2017

Vista Ramen (2609 Cherokee Street; 314-797-8520), the acclaimed Cherokee Street hot spot, will be adding Sunday brunch service, beginning on March 19th.

Who gets the security? In St. Louis, surveillance cameras mostly in wealthier, safer neighborhoods, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 03/19/2017

The St. Louis Police Department has two main strategies to better deter and solve crimes plaguing the city and hurting its national image: Add police officers and expand surveillance technology.

St. Louis' Neighborhoods of Character: Cherokee Street, ALIVE Magazine, 03/15/2017

Cherokee Street is an impromptu arts district that houses innumerable entrepreneurs, artists, writers, creators, small business owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Its stunning architectural beauty and history is the stuff of legend.

Earthbound Beer's renovation of the old Cherokee Brewery reveals a lot about 19th century St. Louis, St. Louis Magazine, 03/15/2017

As Earthbound prepares for its summer opening, its new building continues to give up its secrets.

Cat's Pick: Mak's Pub & Grub + Teatopia, Feast magazine, 03/08/2017

Teatopia has opened on Cherokee Street, featuring several different varieties of freshly brewed teas and to-go teas alongside wraps, salads and other healthy fare.

Six new St. Louis city alderman look to change aldermanic board's chemistry, St. Louis Magazine, 03/08/2017

Among the changes, Dan Guenther unseated 18-year incumbent Ken Ortmann in the 9th Ward.

An Art Lover's Guide to St. Louis, Riverfront Times, 03/03/2017

A stroll down Cherokee Street offers the thrilling, unpredictable feel of an ever-evolving art project, a sense also being cultivated through the Granite City Art and Design District across the river.

24 Hours in South City: A Guide to Cherokee, South Grand and St. Louis' Creative Heart, Riverfront Times, 03/01/2017

South St. Louis is home to a diverse population that makes the area one of the most interesting places to visit in the greater region.

At town hall, St. Louis artists to push mayoral candidates to show support for the arts, St. Louis Public Radio, 02/27/2017

Artist and educator Pacia Anderson's life revolves around the arts — from her friends to her work life and projects with civic leaders. “There’s so much overlap between arts and policy, just when I wake up in the morning,” she said.

St. Louis and Kansas City bounce back, CNN, 02/16/2017

"I'm a big fan of Cherokee Street," said Doyle, who penned a guide to St. Louis neighborhoods. "It's kind of the gritty, hipster kid meets Latin American bodegas and sweet shops meets longtime African American residential base scene. There's so much energy there, and if I were arriving in town again at age 25 that's probably where I'd be based."

Meet the brand-new dynamic duo known as The Knuckles, St. Louis Magazine, 02/16/2017

The pair describe themselves as “peanut butter and jelly, yin and yang, doughnuts and more doughnuts, chicken and doughnuts.”

Teatopia Now Open on Cherokee Street, Featuring Loose-Leaf Tea, Smoothies and More, Feast magazine, 02/08/2017

One of Cherokee Street’s tiniest storefronts has a new tenant. Teatopia opened on Mon., Jan. 30, filling the narrow 300-square-foot space previously occupied by the Little Dipper (which is now located down the street inside the Fortune Teller Bar).

Review: Mariscos el Gato Is a New - and Thrilling - Restaurant for Cherokee Street, Riverfront Times, 02/08/2017

Teatopia, Tea Shop for a New Kind of Customer, Opens on Cherokee Street, Riverfront Times, 01/30/2017

Reginald "Reo" Quarles, the proprietor of Teatopia (2619 1/2 Cherokee Street), has a big mission for his tiny shop, one reflected in its tagline: "Brewing better lives, one leaf at time."

Dinner & A Show: The Palm Trees, Ladue News, 01/19/2017

Palm trees make up the theme at Cherokee Street’s newest eatery. The Palm Trees opened in December, featuring Middle Eastern cuisine.

Mariscos El Gato on Cherokee offers wonderful seafood from a chef nicknamed El Gato, St. Louis Magazine, 01/19/2017

The fine Mexican seafood is served in a beach café setting.

New Son Volt Track "Cherokee St." Honors St. Louis' Coolest Street, Riverfront Times, 01/16/2017

Late last week, alt-country champions Son Volt premiered a new track through the Wall Street Journal from the band's forthcoming album Notes of Blue. The track is called "Cherokee St.," and is inspired by the south St. Louis roadway of the same name.

The Palm Trees Brings Middle Eastern Cuisine to Cherokee Street, Feast magazine, 01/06/2017

Palm trees make up the theme at Cherokee Street’s newest eatery. The Palm Trees opened on Dec. 21, featuring Middle Eastern cuisine.

On the Market: Benton Park West's "Independence Mansion", St. Louis Magazine, 01/04/2017

This amazingly intact historical home takes its name from its builder, a German-American abolitionist named Declaration Independence Neudorf.

Benton Park West Neighborhood Association

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