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Safe Spot: Holiday Packages

On Halloween you might have caught myself and Chris Schmidt on KSDK Channel 5 six o’clock news. We were interviewed about our “Lights! Camera! Action!” safety initiative that we have been implementing and developing for Benton Park West.

This includes a weekly safety post. We will talk about surveillance cameras, home and personal safety, and other ideas we come across along the way. As Thanksgiving is now behind us, all things holiday shopping is upon us. Friday was the busiest in-store shopping day of the year. Monday is the busiest online day. With online shopping come packages. And those packages have to be delivered somewhere. Do you have a safe location?

Did you know UPS offers Access Points in our neighborhood? These are local businesses UPS has partnered with. You’ll know that your package is secure and, with locations open during weekend and evening hours, you won’t have to rush.


3179 S GRAND BLVD, SAINT LOUIS, MO, 63118-1022

Closes at 6:00 PM

2634 CHEROKEE ST, SAINT LOUIS, MO, 63118-3130

Closes at 7:00 PM


Closes at 9:00 PM

2400 S 12TH ST, SAINT LOUIS, MO, 63104- 4319

Closes at 8:00 PM

If these aren’t an option, also consider having packages delivered to your workplace. Porch décor can provide an area to hide packages from plain view. You might even consider having a camera installed on your porch. Ring and Nest cameras both have motion sensors that are sure to catch any porch pirates that try to steal the gifts you worked so hard to pick out.

Have ideas for the next “Safe Spot?” Do you want to join us in the planning of “Lights! Camera! Action!”? Email me at

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