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Throw Back Tuesday: Burgdorf Motor Company

The Burgdorf Motor Company was in business at 2727 S. Jefferson Ave from 1932-1955. They originally sold De Vaux automobiles until the company went defunct in 1934. Then Hudson cars were sold at their location.

Photo: May 5, 1932. Photograph showing a DeVaux sedan. The car is parked in front of the Burgdorf Motor Company at 2727 S Jefferson. A sign in the front window of the car advertises its price as $960.

The Burgdor Motor Company distributed a publication titled the Hudson Newsletter, which was produced by Hudson headquarter in Detroit for all its dealerships. To read the September 1951 addition, please click here.

2727 S. Jefferson is currently home to 24 Channel Productions, DK Annex, and Kenrick Design Construction.


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