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Throw Back Tuesday: 2753 Cherokee Street

Christian Morschel was a Captain in the First Regiment of the St. Louis County Militia during the Civil War. He was later the President of the Meramec Gravel & Sand Company. In 1882 he married the widow Julia Besch. Her late husband, Phillip Besch, had died in October 1878 leaving all property, shares in Lafayette Bank and other assets solely to her. Julia had three children from her first marriage, Henry, Conrad, and Kate.

In 1886 Christian and Julia built a 20 room mansion at 2753 Cherokee (at California). The land had been Julia's late husband's property.

Photo: 2753 Cherokee, the former Christian Morschel residence.

Julia died in 1895 and Christian Morshel died in 1900. After Christian's death, the house changed hands a few times before it's final use as a senior citizen's home.

Photo: 1932 looking east on Cherokee towards California. The Christian Morschel residence can be seen in the middle left side.

Photo: The home being wrecked.

In 1947 a National Supermarket was built on the site. Today the building is still a grocery store, El Torito Supermarket (Super Mercado El Torito). It also houses El Torito restaurant.


The Southwestern Reporter, Volumes 103-104, July 17-August 21, 1907,

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