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Throw Back Tuesday: Cherokee Indian Statue

The Cherokee Indian statue is a well recognized landmark in South St. Louis. It first appeared on the corner of Jefferson Ave and Cherokee Street in 1985. The Cherokee Business Association was looking for a way to distinguish itself and after several ideas, landed on the statue idea.

Photo: The Cherokee Indian statue in 1988.

Artist Bill Christman was commissioned to create the 200 lbs, 13-foot tall fiberglass statue.

"The large Indian guards the corner of the historic Cherokee district’s antique and commercial area in South St. Louis. The landmark figure, presumably a Cherokee Indian, wears a feathered headdress, arm bands, and loin cloth. With arrow and tablet in hand, his right hand is raised in the ‘peace’ gesture." ~ St. Louis Regional Arts Commission

Photo: The Indian Statue shortly after its repainting in 2009.

Christman returned to pre-paint the weathered statue in 2009.


Library of Congress,

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