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Throw Back Tuesday: 2649 Cherokee

In 1907 a new corner market was built at 2649 Cherokee Street.

Photo: Schenberg Market, 2649 Cherokee, May 1, 1936.

Photo: 2649 Cherokee Street, August 13, 1939.

On September 6, 1939, Miss Stella Goedecke secured a loan from the Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company to payoff outstanding mortgages and remodel her 1907 commercial building at 2649 Cherokee Street. The loan was setup under the "Goedecke Building Fund". The Vice-President of the Bank, John J. Griffin and Miss Stella Griffin were the two signatures that could make withdrawals. Mr. Griffin negotiated the contractors for the remodeling work.

Photo: View of the "building of Miss Stella Goedecke" under construction at 2649 Cherokee, on the northeast corner of Cherokee Street and Ohio Avenue. Date: November 12, 1939.

A sign on the building reads: "Modernization by John B. Gutmann Construction Co.," probably indicating that the construction work is renovation-related. Other signs advertise work by the American Plate Glass Company and architect F. J. Kolb.

As the remodel progressed, there a dispute arose among Ms. Goedecke, the bank (Mr. Griffin), and the contractor. The contractor put a $11,000 lien against the building the bank called the $45,000 note against Ms. Goedecke. Unable to immediately pay back the note, the bank foreclosed on the property. Litigation ensured by Ms. Goedecke.

During the litigation, the bank sold the building out from under Ms. Goedecke. Her law suit continued for six years before settling in November of 1945.

Over the subsequent years 2649 Cherokee has seen a variety of business.

Photo: JJs Fashion, July 26, 2006

Photo: JJ's Fashion, November 22, 2010

Today, 2649 Cherokee is home to The Whiskey Ring. the current owners reopened several windows and expended to the side lot for an outdoor patio.


Missouri Historical Society, online collection

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